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Note that some successful credit loans

When short of money and could not provide collateral, many people think of credit. However, credit is not as easy as we think application, successful loan still need to put some thought into.
    indeed, apply for credit, borrowers do not need to provide any cover (MS) charge, with personal credit, coupled with stable income and legal status, can handle. But is not what we want it to be "an ID card alone can loan", the need to provide proof of income, work certificates, marriage certificates and other materials, lending institutions through which to assess your ability to repay.
    at present, there are many agencies launched an e-loan business, which greatly saves our loans and lending rate soon. But some criminals also find "opportunities", by setting up a bogus loan information, lure needy people "hooked" at this time we are going to keep their eyes open for those one page, plus a phone number or QQ contact site be sure to watch out and don't take "credit pay before" it said.
    in addition, some lenders will claim their credit interest rates low, even lower than the interest rates on bank loans. Such publicity is not credible, because credit loans, lenders need to take high risks, in this case how can give cheap loans? In fact, credit interest rates are rather low, but higher mortgage rates.
    so, credit is good, but we are searching for a lender must be careful, and don't for a moment of "greed", allow yourself to suffer heavy losses.

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