Product classification
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Different people choose different loans

Despite the many loan products can solve our financial problems, but select a product, do things in order to achieve a multiplier effect, and now to see which loan product is best suited to you.
    first class: has stable of work and income, has good of credit, but cannot provides mortgage real of people
    This class people if needed funds turnover, can consider no mortgage loan, as long as borrowing people can provides effective ID ming, and income proved, and work proved,, loan institutions will can for its lending, loan lines General in personal months income of 10 times times around.
    type II: large capital needs, and there is a name in the House or car
    in large amounts of money demand, the mortgage is the best solution, take for instance the mortgage loan amount up to real estate valuation price of 70%, the longest loan term of up to 10 years. BACK

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