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Just resigned from the unit how to apply for a loan?

&Nbsp;     select a: part small loan company or P2P platform loan products
now many P2P platform except financial function, also has himself of loan products, they on Shen loan who of personal qualification requirements relative Bank to loose have more, like took took loan, credit records good, and personal basic information detailed on can submitted loan application, but it has must of limit conditions, first borrowing amount not over 10,000 yuan, Loan amount requirement is inappropriate.
Select II: take chant, and particles loan, and millet loan, products
If you is paid treasure, and micro-letter or millet permanent user, so, you may is lucky to from they of platform got must lines of loan qualification, platform of viscous more good, and credit degree more high, personal can Shen loan of amount on more high, short-term small needed loan of Shen loan who can quickly open these application see about.
three: mortgage loans or mortgage-backed loans
in fact, in addition to consumer credit loans, resignation if name in real estate, cars and other property of persons, urgent loans can also apply for a mortgage loan. After 360 financial search platform to enter loan demand, many of these loan products that can occur, such as ping an Bank-quick-easy gold and suitable for letter-and car loans and so on, these can be selected. Moreover, compared with credit loans mortgages get a higher loan amount higher and lower lending rates. BACK

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