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Prepayment by the end matters needing attention 3

    1, combined loans to pay the loan

< p style="color:#333333;background-color:#ffffff;text-indent:0px;" >    using a combination of mortgage buyers, should give priority to repaying commercial loans when part of the prepayment, which loan rates lower than commercial loan, commercial loans to settle monthly burden, and can save a lot of interest.

    2, figure out the Bank on early repayment provisions

    in front of the repayment, Borrower should figure out their loan prepayment provisions, in particular to understand the clear breach of standard, the demand for make an appointment ahead of time, early repayment amount and so on.

    3, even with prepayment prior to

    in front of the prepayment, Mortgage customer should be an account, the best time to see if this time is early repayment. Generally speaking, in a period of rate cuts for early repayment is not very good, especially mortgage rates hit 70 percent or 85 percent of customers. To the existing five-year 4.9% interest rates last year as an example, if a 70 percent discount on interest rates, discounted rates for 3.43%, you go look look for before financial products, many products of the annual rate of return is higher than the interest rate, in this case why not take money to Investment finance it?


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