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New easy credits

New easy credits

credit loan personal credit and repayment ability as the basis of the loan without collateral and guarantees, but need a certain identity, place of residence and proof of income. Different loan conditions, processes, approval limits are somewhat different, based on the personal credit and repayment capacity, lines are generally not more than 10.2 million loan period is 1-2 years.
1, working in Xiamen, punch wages more than 2000; 2, such as property or motor vehicle driver's license can increase the limit, lending more than 70,000; 3, tertiary or higher education; tips: working in Xiamen, punch wages more than 2000 required college or above before they can apply.
1, ID required; 2, less than three months into the card is greater than 2500 plus units pay social security Plus unit to pay Housing Fund (credit information gaps); 3, less than three months into the card is less than 2500 plus pay social security, cannot appear for two consecutive months was less than 2500 (non credit gaps).

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