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Business loan

Business loan

door you want on-site photographs, providing water for half a year, 80,000 per month more than 1 year, business license, good credit, such as providing other financial proof (House, car) helps to improve lines. Tips: under 23-60, flow 100,000 per month, good credit before they can apply.
application conditions
1, and 23-60 age; 2, and limited months on public or on private water 100,000 (containing) above, and self-employed must 50,000 (containing) above; 3, and near 5 years within credit report displayed cannot over 90 days late; 4, and has business entity;
by needed material
1, and II generation ID (pros and cons copies); 2, and license (original or copy copies); 3, and inspection funding report copies (self-employed without provides); 4, and Business site rental contract and the rent invoice and company recently 2 months public operating expenses Bill one of; 5, and now live to proved file (rental contract or property and the near 1 months water, and electric, and coal Bill one of); 6, and recently 6 months enterprise on public or on private account details; 7, and near 1 months people's Bank of China personal levy letter report; 8, and provides of material more full, batch of lines more high, added points material; (1) property or pre-sale contract and the full invoice or mortgage contract or recently 3 months mortgage water; (2) driving card (3) purchase invoices, purchase orders, purchase and sale contract (almost 2 months); (4) sales documents (almost 2 months); (5) patents for inventions, trademarks, etc;

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