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Salary loan

Salary loan

of State-owned enterprise employees, civil servants, lawyers, teachers, corporate, white-collar office workers the best, refer to the monthly interest rate from 1.28% to 2.28%, the taxi driver is no good, real estate agents do not do, not in a safe and easy loan customers can be consulted.

21-55 the criteria for age, punch wages more than 3000, good credit records.
by needed material
1, and ID; 2, and income proved file (Bank payroll records as passbook records or near 3 months personal bank water or wage single or fill in by I company provides of format file income proved, cover company seal can); 3, and work proved (labor contract copies or company issued of work proved, stamped company seal); 4, and address proved file (last month of water, and electric, and gas account single any a Zhang or property copies, If it is a company providing residential accommodation you will need to submit company documents stamped with the company seal).

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