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Private loan

Private loan

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private owners loan of service object for in local has enterprise or in enterprise occupies 20% above shares of private boss, features is no mortgage, and from guarantees credit loan, and day lending, and loan uses diversification, refers to bank lending to enterprise boss funds turnover, and improve life quality, and tourism, and shopping, and medical, and car, and general student loan, consumption sex loan, loan time flexible.

1 application requirements, applicant must be a legal entity or shareholder; 2, registration of enterprises operating in more than 1 years; 3, 21-55 years old; tips: 21-55 years of age, the applicant must be a legal entity or shareholder may apply.
1, ID required; 2, business licenses, and business premises lease contract; 3 seal; 4, the last 6 months of public and private water; 5, proof of address.

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