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Xiamen private lending was founded in January 2015, Shenzhen sea small micro-credit financial services limited's brand, by small investment advisory limited, Fujian holdings, based in Fujian, company personnel size of more than 1000 people in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other branches. Xiamen formal loan, and Xiamen civil personal no mortgage loan, and Xiamen civil borrowing, and Xiamen civil borrowing company, and Xiamen civil loan, and Xiamen civil loan company, and Xiamen re-employment small guarantees loan, and Xiamen guarantees loan, and Xiamen small guarantees loan, and Xiamen loan company Xiamen civil borrowing focused Bank no mortgage loan, and credit loan, and mortgage loan, business field, aimed at for small micro-enterprise and personal provides professional, and convenient, and deal, and security of credit financial service, is Fujian maximum of credit loan Advisory and the service institutions, O2O platform is about to become China's leading loan services.

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